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“Summer Street appreciated the fact that Belmont was part of our family's history. They committed to making the right investments in quality and people to ensure that it remains a vibrant, growing company, as well as a great place to work.”

David Walderman, Former Owner & CEO


Case Studies

Belmont Meat Products
Industry: Niche manufacturing
Transaction type: Buyout, family transition


Three brothers, running the company that their father Murray Walderman founded over 30 years ago, were seeking family liquidity and asset diversification.

Why Summer Street?

Summer Street's professionals have a long history of working in and with middle-market family businesses. The Waldermans found that Summer Street’s partners respected the importance of the company’s family culture, while bringing the resources that would enable the company to grow to meet the growing demands of their large corporate accounts.

How have we helped?

The Waldermans and Summer Street implemented the Focus ChartSM tool to align the organization with the strategic vision. That vision encompassed a multimillion-dollar state-of-the-art plant expansion that would substantially increase production capacity. With the added capacity and technology enhancements, the company was able to increase market share dramatically, while increasing production efficiency and maintaining Belmont’s market-leading food safety record.

A key family priority had been to solve the problem of who would succeed the brothers in managing the organization. Summer Street worked collaboratively with the organization to develop a long-term succession plan that provided a thoughtful transition to the next generation of leadership.  

Summer Street committed to the success and growth of Belmont Meats. In fact, the company initiated a second capacity expansion, as satisfied customers continue to push the company to provide more volume. Summer Street focused on continuing the legacy of quality meat products and customer satisfaction that have been part of the Walderman family tradition since 1967.

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