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Every day, Americans generate approximately 4.5 pounds of waste per person. In 2013, Americans cumulatively generated about 250 million tons of municipal solid waste.  Both residential and corporate customers count on the environmental services industry to collect, process, recycle, and dispose of this waste safely and properly, at the lowest cost, and with the least impact on our environment. But increasingly, environmental services companies are partnering with their customers to manage waste streams proactively, minimizing volume and maximizing their value through material recycling and conversion to energy or beneficial use. Companies that provide information, resources, and technology to help customers reduce their carbon footprint have a tremendous opportunity to create value, both through reduced cost and reduced impact on the environment.

At Summer Street, we understand how collection businesses build value by managing the waste stream directly from the curb, from cradle to grave. We understand that developing partnerships with processors of paper and plastic, and equipment manufacturers such as Bollegraaf & CP, are critical to an effective single-stream recycling strategy. We understand that environmental services may be a global industry, but it is a local business. Being a true partner to local government, residents, and businesses is crucial to building an effective community relationship and value-added green strategy. We look forward to partnering with managers who understand these critical success factors, and are committed to providing environmental solutions in a differentiated way.

To learn more about our environmental services investments, read our case study on Interstate Waste Services.


Target segments


  • Collection, processing, and disposal of solid waste

  • Collection, processing, and disposal of medical waste

  • Recycling: single-stream and electronic waste

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Environmental consulting services

  • Managed/outsourced services companies

Industry Insights

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Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to power a computer for 30 minutes.


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