Business Services


Across the diverse Business Services industry, most companies have one thing in common:  growth depends on your ability to recognize your clients’ pain points, and adapt or expand your service offerings to their needs.  Your clients see you as a valuable partner because you solve problems, implement solutions, and support their businesses.  You are always finding ways to provide more value to your clients, which helps you to retain your existing relationships and attract new ones in a competitive industry. 

We understand that in order to meet client expectations and keep pace in the industry, you need to remain on top of new technology, but more importantly, you need to have a talented team by your side.  And growth in the industry often demands expanding your service offerings and adding new markets.  When we partner with business services companies, we invest in your people, to help ensure that the people who make your business successful stay with you as you grow.  We understand that investing in technology can improve your response time and help create efficiencies for you and your clients. Funding your expansion can not only improve earnings, but also leaves you less vulnerable to economic changes.

The business services industry is broad, and so are the challenges you face: regulations, offshoring, workforce and turnover management, customer and industry concentration.  We have the experience and resources to help you grow through these challenges. 

Your business is serving other businesses.  We do the same—along with our capital, we offer our resources and experience to help you achieve a new level of success.



Target segments


  • Contact Service Centers

 - customer care
 sales / marketing
 - tech support
 - acquisition services
 - collections


  • Facility Management Services

 - facility maintenance
 - security services          
 - uniform / linen rental
 - waste management
 - food services contractors


  • Employer Services

 - HR administration
 - payroll & PEO
 - staffing & recruiting
 - relocation management
 - BPO


The 50 largest Business Services Companies make up less than 25% of the total industry revenue.




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