[12/19/2012] Summer Street Raises $22,085 to Support Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Buffalo, NY - December 19, 2012 - Summer Street Capital Partners, LLC (www.summerstreetcapital.com) a Buffalo, New York-based private equity fund has raised $22,085 in support of All Hands Volunteers, an international non-profit organization that provides hands-on assistance to survivors of natural disasters around the world. 


Immediately after Hurricane Sandy devastated East Coast communities, Cassie Bianchi a fourth grade student at St. Gregory the Great Elementary School, asked what she and her family could do to help.  Cassie is the daughter of Randy Bianchi, a Partner at Summer Street Capital.  "She asked if we could start collecting food and clothing to bring home to all the people affected as we were traveling to NJ for the Thanksgiving holiday,” said Randy Bianchi.  Upon speaking with Summer Street Managing Partner and All Hands Volunteers Board Member, Mike McQueeney, the private equity firm launched a fundraising effort to support Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.


All Hands Volunteers was already on the ground working to help families recover and was in need of capital to fund miscellaneous worker needs like fuel and supplies.  Summer Street committed to help fund their efforts by organizing a fundraising program in which Summer Street matched incoming donations.  “The generosity and support of our business colleagues, friends, and family has been outstanding.  With an initial goal to raise $20,000, we are elated to have exceeded our target,” remarked Mike McQueeney.  “With 146 families helped and 1,094 volunteers deployed to date, we are pleased that All Hands will be able to use the money raised to further promote their mission in the East Coast communities affected by Hurricane Sandy.”


About All Hands Volunteers

All Hands Volunteers is a US-based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, that provides hands-on assistance to communities around the world. All Hands Volunteers’ mission is to provide immediate, effective and sustainable support to communities in need by harnessing the energy and commitment of dedicated volunteers.  All Hands has launched over 30 volunteer response projects since its founding in 2004. In its seven years of operation, All Hands has empowered thousands of volunteers to help communities across the United States and around the world including Thailand, Haiti, Philippines, and Japan. To donate or find out how you can support the on-going efforts of All Hands Volunteers, please visit their website www.hands.org or email info@hands.org.


About Summer Street Capital Partners LLC

Summer Street Capital Partners LLC, founded in 1999, is a Buffalo, NY-based private equity fund manager with in more than $550 million of committed capital focused on investing in small-market companies. The firm invests alongside talented managers, bringing capital and resources to support acquisitions and aggressive growth strategies. Summer Street’s investments support management buy-outs, family transitions, corporate divestitures, growth financings, and recapitalizations.  Summer Street’s investors include leading pension funds, insurance companies, and banking institutions. Visit www.summerstreetcapital.com for additional information.

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