Announcement from Summer Street Capital and Gary P. Hull

[12/31/2015] Announcement from Summer Street Capital and Gary P. Hull

It is with both excitement for Gary and regret that we announce that Gary Hull will be leaving Summer Street at year end.  For nearly 30 years, Gary and I have been business associates and partners across a number of different businesses, including the last 15 years at Summer Street Capital Partners.  Over these years of association, we have been not only business partners, but dear friends.  


Gary's distinguished nearly 50-year business career is not ending; he will be pursuing a number of personal and professional endeavors, including continuing to help entrepreneurs find capital and appropriate business resources.  While Gary has repeatedly reminded me over the years that “there is no retirement,” perhaps he will allow a reduction to his 110-hour work weeks!


As a founding partner, Gary has had a profound influence on our firm and contributed to every element of our success over the years. His years of tireless effort and his authentic approach to building and maintaining relationships have created a foundation of deal flow and awareness of Summer Street throughout our markets.  We thank him for his years of partnership and friendship, and have no doubt that we will find future opportunities on which to work together.


I remain focused on business development and deal flow opportunities and will be your key contact for new deals.  My contact information is listed below for your convenience.


Kind regards,


Michael McQueeney, Managing Partner


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